Children's Dental Care in Oshawa and WhitbyChildren's Dentistry

Dr. Wurman, Dr. Reinblatt and their experienced team recognize the pivotal importance of oral health from the earliest of ages. Children's dental needs are of particular significance, as they define how a child's oral health will evolve through adulthood.

Our commitment to children's oral health is evident from the care we take with your child while they are in our office. We invite you to bring your child to our office and allow them to get acquainted with our team before their first appointment.

To recognize potential problems and focus on prevention, we recommend that you bring your child for an appointment around their third birthday. If you have any concerns beforehand, we would be pleased to see your child and assess their condition.

As your child reaches the age of three, they will likely have their primary teeth, twenty in total. Their permanent teeth will soon follow, making regular dental visits extremely important.

We understand that visiting the dentist at a young age can be an exciting experience. New faces, new sounds, unfamiliar surroundings
...and that's all before you even sit in 'the chair'.

At our offices your child's comfort is a priority. Years of experience with children in a dental environment has helped us to create a smooth and relaxed dental experience. An early introduction to the dental office will help to ease future anxiety, as well as promote the best smile your child can have, one tooth at a time!