Want To Improve Your Smile?

Is there Silver in Your Smile?

Composite resin fillings are made of plastic and tiny glass particles. One main advantage of composite fillings is that they are tooth-colored, so they are less noticeable than amalgam ("silver") fillings. Unlike amalgam fillings, composite fillings bond directly to the tooth, making the tooth stronger than it would be with an amalgam filling. Because they bond directly to the tooth, composite resin fillings requires less drilling. By contrast, amalgam fillings sit in a pocket in the tooth that the dentist drills.

These metallic fillings were standard practice until not so long ago. While these fillings are unattractive to begin with, over time, the material they are composed of can corrode and leak, blackening the silver and many times the tooth.

If you're embarrassed by old fillings and tired of hiding your smile, talk to us about Composite fillings. Composite fillings are made of a material that actually bonds to the tooth for a tight seal. They are strong, stain-resistant, and colour-matched to the natural tooth, making them essentially 'invisible'.

During your next visit feel free to ask us about the benefits of the virtually 'invisible' composite fillings, your smile will thank you.



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