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We are the dentists and founders of Lake Vista Dental, your family and cosmetic dental practice in Oshawa—Dr. Barry Reinblatt and Dr. Avi Wurman.

We graduated from dental school in 1985 and found a location without healthcare services, including dental care. We wanted to meet the needs of the community of Lake Vista (South Oshawa), so we started Lake Vista Dental in August 1985. We opened a second office, West Lynde Dental, in March 1987 to cater to the West Lynde neighborhood in Whitby.

Continuous Improvement
Over the past three decades, our facilities have evolved. Initially, Lake Vista Dental was a small facility with two treatment rooms on the second floor of the plaza. We have expanded several times since then, and in 2016 we moved to a modern storefront location in the plaza.

West Lynde Dental is still in the exact location, but we have renovated several times and modernized our equipment and sterilization capabilities. Both our dental offices offer digital x-rays and diagnostic equipment, which helps our patients understand all aspects of their treatment.

We maintain excellent relationships with our patients and enjoy seeing them regularly and catching up on their lives. We also listen carefully and pay attention to the little things, as we want to provide quality care that exceeds expectations. Therefore, we work with integrity, and our honest feedback sets us apart. It includes striving to prevent dental issues before they arise.

We value and respect our team, as each member is committed to maximizing our patients’ comfort and satisfaction. Therefore, we love seeing the results of our treatment, whether it’s sparkling pearly whites or just maintaining a healthy mouth.

One becomes a dentist to help people, but we never realized that we could change lives by giving patients a beautiful smile that makes them feel better about themselves. We feel great satisfaction knowing that we have helped so many patients realize their dream of a gorgeous smile.

If you or someone you know could benefit from our expertise as family dentists and cosmetic dentists in Oshawa, we invite you to get in touch. Please call (905) 725-9954 or email


Dr. Barry and Dr. Avi