Understanding the different types of dental implants

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Have you ever dreamt of biting into a juicy apple with the same confidence you had as a kid? Missing teeth can make even simple things like eating a challenge. But what if there was a solution that looked and felt just like your natural teeth?

Dental implants might be the answer you've been searching for! In today's post, we'll break down the different types of implants, and how they work, and help you understand if they're right for you. Let's explore the exciting world of dental implants and get you on your way to a healthy, confident smile!

The Implant Basics

First things first, all dental implants share a similar core concept. They're tiny titanium posts surgically placed in your jawbone. This titanium acts like a tooth root, fusing with the bone over time for a super strong foundation.  On top of this implant post, an artificial tooth (crown) is attached, giving you a natural-looking replacement.

Now, let's explore the different implant types:

Endosteal Implants: These are the most common type. They're screw-shaped or blade-like implants placed directly into the jawbone. Think of them as tiny anchors for your new tooth!

Subperiosteal Implants:  These are less common and typically used when the jawbone isn't strong enough for endosteal implants. They're placed on or above the jawbone, with posts that peek through the gum to hold the replacement tooth.

Zygomatic Implants: These are specialized implants used in the upper jaw when there's severe bone loss. They're anchored in the strong cheekbone (zygoma) and are a complex procedure, usually performed by an oral surgeon.

Choosing the Right Implant

The best implant type for you depends on several factors, such as the number of missing teeth, the health of your jawbone, and even your overall health. Here at Lake Vista Dental, our team of experienced dentists will carefully assess your needs and recommend the most suitable implant option.

If you're considering dental implants, the next step is to schedule a consultation. We can answer all your questions, discuss the implant process, and explore the options that will give you back your confident smile.

Call us today at (905) 725-9954 or book an appointment online! We look forward to helping you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile with dental implants.