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September 2015: Tips, eNews and More!

September is a month of transition, and it's not just the weather that's changing! Many people have kids who are heading back to school and you, yourself, may need to adjust to a more demanding routine. Added stress may have you looking for ways to save time, but two things that should not be skipped during your morning routine are a nutritious breakfast and regular brushing and flossing. From the classroom to the boardroom, a healthy breakfast improves performance, concentration and overall health. You don't need a three course sit-down meal; keep it simple with a healthy bowl of oatmeal and fruit for a healthy boost to start your day. Brushing and flossing can provide the opportunity to think positively about your day to help you reduce stress while maintaining your oral health.

Time for Your Cleaning

Is it time for a cleaning or to have unfinished dental work completed? If your dental benefits are based on the calendar year, your maximums may not roll over into the new year. Our calendar fills up quickly this time of year, so we encourage you to call today if you need an appointment before the new year.

Have a safe and healthy month,

Dr. Reinblatt, Dr. Wurman and Team

Office News

As many of you know, Dr. Barry Reinblatt was away from the practice for most of the summer after having back surgery in mid-July. Fortunately, our dentists and staff were able to ensure that all the patients were seen and cared for during his absence. The surgery was very successful and Dr. Reinblatt is back at work full time. Now that the office has returned to 'full strength', please give us a call and we will be happy to schedule you with any one of our dedicated dentists (Dr. Reinblatt, Dr. Wurman, Dr. Sussman, Dr. Colinas) or hygienists (Custodia, Amy, Angela).

We are also happy to welcome Dr. Maayan Inger to the Lake Vista Square office. Dr. Inger is a periodontist, a gum specialist that diagnoses and provides treatment for gum disease and oral inflammation. Some of the signs of oral inflammation are, receding gums, gums bleeding during brushing, or loosening of the teeth. Oral inflammation has also been shown to be associated with your overall health. Please talk to your dentist about any concerns you may have about your gums and we will gladly set up a referral to see Dr. Inger.

When Was the Last Time You Flossed?

If you answered, "this morning"or "before I went to bed last night" then keep it up. If you answered, "I think there may be some floss in my top drawer", then it's time to start flossing.

Flossing is a proven means of cleaning plaque and food debris from hard to reach places where tooth brushes are far less effective. Flossing has also proven to promote healthy gums through increasing blood circulation that is integral to a beautiful smile.

Floss is meant to clean in between your teeth and behind your back molars. It is a thin cord that can be made of a variety of materials, can be waxed or unwaxed, and is available in every colour of the rainbow. Selecting the right floss for you will make flossing easier and encourage you to use it regularly. If your teeth are generously spaced, unwaxed floss should do the trick. For those of you with tightly packed teeth, a waxed floss will be easier to use (the wax is edible and often flavoured).

If you find the floss frays too quickly or outright breaks when you use it, stronger material floss may be the right choice for you. If you're unsure, ask your dental team, they floss your teeth during your cleanings and will know which route you should take. Next time you're in a supermarket or drugstore take a walk down the toothpaste isle and explore all of your flossing options. Floss is relatively inexpensive making it easy to test out different types. There are also several tools that can help you save floss as well as make flossing easier for those with conditions making flossing difficult.

Brushing and flossing is a part of a larger oral hygiene routine that involves regular dental visits.

Dips for Friends

If you are entertaining friends and family, chances are you were considering serving chips and dip. While many dips are quick and easy, they are also loaded with fats, salt, sugar and preservatives. Undoubtedly, people will eat too much and complain about tummy aches. Is this any way to treat a friend?

Why not surprise your guests with something delicious and secretly nutritious? Here are three dips that will leave your friends talking, and while they may have seconds, they will be left with energy rather than guilt.

Click here for the recipe!


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